‘A Plumber Would Be More Qualified’ Than Obama

Report: Obama Lacks Presidential Skills – “A Plumber Would Be More Qualified” Than Obama

Jim Hoft

…Via US News and World Report and Free Republic:

As the negotiations and the vote-getting on raising the debt ceiling have dragged on these last two weeks, it’s became clear that President Obama really is not a good negotiator. Several times, just as a deal seemed imminent, the discussions have collapsed—and very publicly. There were leaks from the administration, he-said-she-said accounts from both sides, angry White House press conferences—just a “parade of horribles,” as lawyers would call it. The result is a rising tide of public disgust and frustration. Not only has he lost bipartisan support in both the House or the Senate, his lack of ability to persuade people to join his cause has cost President Obama the vital center of the electorate…

…Maybe it’s because Hillary Clinton’s “three in the morning” ad was right—maybe he just doesn’t have the experience to be president. Of the top 100 jobs that would qualify one to be president, being a law professor isn’t one of them. A plumber would be better qualified than a law professor. Seriously—a plumber is a problem solver who has to keep customers happy. A used car salesman knows how to close a deal…

To be fair, he didn’t make a good law professor either…

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