Restoring Honor

Jillian Bandes

Glenn Beck says that this Saturday’s 8/28 “Restoring Honor” rally is about far more than just politics.

“This isn’t a rah-rah USA kind of thing. This is a sacred reflective spot in our nation… the Reflecting Pool,” said Beck, in an exclusive interview with and Townhall Magazine. “I think if you stand between Lincoln and Washington, spiritually, mentally, morally, we will heal our country.”

…“We have worked very, very hard on something that is extraordinarily delicate and fragile. It will be announced at the end of this, as the beginning of something that I believe will have restorative change as a result,” said Beck. “I don’t mean restore it back 2000, or George Bush, I mean restore us back to where we belong and where we should be as a nation and where we have been very few times in our nation’s history.”

Whatever it is has not been done in 240 years, according to Beck. He did not say if that was a reference to the Badge of Military Merit, issued in 1780, or has something to do with our nation’s founding, in 1776.

The rally will take place between 10 and 2pm, and will include a number of key figures, such as Sarah Palin, singer Jo Dee Messina, and Marcus Luttrell, who was awarded the Navy Cross in 2005. Dr. Alveda King and other African-American leaders will also be in attendance, flying in the face of criticism that Beck is hijacking the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech, which took place on the same day and location in 1963…

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…this weekend we are celebrating the legacy of the ultimate dreamer, whose famed words moved him from being seen as a national security threat to center stage of the nation’s value system. Forty-seven years after the speech, everyone wants to be identified with the passion, power, and purpose of his message. In order to make real moral and political change possible in 2010, once again some black leaders have to wander off the “political plantation” upon which their people currently reside – the Democratic Party.

Therefore, although I have very close friends and associates on both sides, I have chosen to participate with Glenn Beck and to attempt to build the new coalition I have just discussed. Rallying with Beck may temporarily bring a backlash of ridicule and rebuke to many of the black civic and religious leaders who join me. Long term, however, the courage of these leaders will point the way and embolden others. Despite any personal discomfort, we feel that it is time to make a real change.

The African-American relationship with those in power in the Democratic Party is very similar to being in an adulterous relationship. Our lover shows up at his convenience, demanding what he wants on his terms. Oh yes, there are always the promises, which are never fulfilled…

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