‘Restoring Love’ Transcript: ‘America is not done’

The prepared transcript of Glenn Beck’s ‘Restoring Love’ address

Billy Hallowell
The Blaze

…Tonight, I charge each of you with a mission. No matter your age. No matter how you got here — or how far you traveled. A mission. To act. To commit. To shape the future.

To do one pure thing: Make America better than it is today. Build a bigger inheritance, do what we’re supposed to do for our children. Every generation of America faces this challenge. Every generation. Some succeed. And some fail. Those who have failed, failed because they waited for someone else to act. They found out much too late that when you wait for someone to help you that someone will show up — and sometimes — they may give you a push. But far too often they will push you around, there is a difference between getting pushed and getting pushed around.

Two results. Two choices. For two types of people. There ARE two kinds of Americans. Not Democrats and Republicans. Not God-fearing and God-doubting. Bigger than those differences. Much bigger.

I think there are two kinds of Americans. Those who like to be pushed. And those who push themselves. Those who see our problems and refuse to see our blessings. And those who see our problems as our blessings.

Tonight, I ask you: Which are you? Where do you stand? With those who like to be pushed? Or those who push themselves?

Each of us likes to think we won’t get pushed around. But history tells us that’s not the truth. We know that sometimes it’s easy to do nothing…

…because of you, the first of many trucks are headed out right now to our cities, our American cities, to send a clear message: This is who we are. This is what we were taught. When we see someone hungry we will give them food.

When we see somebody hurting…we will give them help. We are Americans. We are builders. We are helpers. And if there’s one thing our government must NOT do, it’s this: Don’t stop us. Don’t stop us from helping. Don’t stop us from feeding. We. Will. Serve…We will not give up. We will not give up our inheritance…

…The world will know once again that they are not alone. The Americans again have arrived. With honor, courage and love.

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