Revealed: The EU Elite’s Power-Grabbing Coups That Will Sideline Britain

M.E. Synon
Breitbart London
4 Jul 2014

While David Cameron and his government are still reeling from the “coup” pulled off by the European Parliament last week in Brussels, when MEPs seized control of the selection of the next president of the European Commission away from national leaders, the EU elite are wasting no time manoeuvring to take away even more power from Britain and other member states in a series of smaller “coups.”…

…Coup Two:

Next coup is the pact just agreed between three main pro-EU groups in the European Parliament, the centre-right European People’s Party, the Socialists & Democrats, and the Liberal group.

Faced with the decision of millions of voters to send eurosceptic representatives to the parliament, the three groups have made a pact to manipulate parliamentary practice so that the UK Independence Party cannot take the influential committee chairmanship which it had the right to claim because of the size of its group, called Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD).

So outrageous is the coup, accomplished by agreed tactical voting in secret ballots, that even the left-wing euro-enthusiast Green group have come out in support of Farage and UKIP.

“Excluding any political group from a committee chairmanship to which it is due under the established system for fairly distributing these posts would be a blow to the democratic process in the EU Parliament,” Margrete Auken, the Greens spokesperson on the Parliament’s petitions committee, told Euractiv.

Hermann Kelly, spokesman for the EFDD, denounced “a behind closed-doors coup.”…



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