Revolting the Masses

Occupiers vs. the tea party.

The Wall Street Journal

The Occupy Wall Street movement is often said to resemble the tea party, but the differences are more significant and they were never clearer than yesterday. In New York City and elsewhere, the occupiers reacted to being cleared out of their aromatic tent-towns this week by breaking the law and disrupting the lives and work of people trying to earn a living.

In New York City, a few hundred protesters tried to shut down the morning commute to Wall Street, and by mid-afternoon about 100 people had been arrested. More arrests were expected during an evening march on City Hall and the Brooklyn Bridge. Police also arrested 23 for an unlawful rally in the Los Angeles financial district, as well as more than a dozen trying to block commuters from crossing the Steel Bridge in Portland, Oregon.

The logic—perhaps not the right word—of these protests seems to be that by inconveniencing millions of people the protesters will inspire a political revolt of the exploited masses. More likely, they will inspire the masses to be revolted by this vanguard of the college-educated proletariat.

Contrast this with the bourgeois decorum of your average tea-party rally, which includes such outrages as asking questions at Congressional town halls. There have also been rallies on Capitol Hill in Washington—entirely legal—where some of the shouting might have got a little testy. Tea partiers understand that in America the way to force political change is through the ballot box.

Democrats and the liberal media have sympathized with, and even embraced, the Occupiers for their rage against the rich, in part to deflect attention from the failures of President Obama’s economic policies. But what the bourgeois masses really want is more opportunity, not days of feckless rage.

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With Occupy Wall Street protesters planning a mass demonstration in New York City and issuing calls for disruptions in other cities on November 17, members of the Project 21 black leadership network demand that high-profile supporters of the Occupy effort reject the violence, rudeness and hate that have come to embody the leftist protests and — in the alleged absence of a leadership structure among Occupy protesters — to apologize for the mobs’ uncivil actions…

Also, Occupy Wall Street: basically Jonestown but with (sadly) fewer corpses

…It was on this very day, Nov. 17, 1978, that Jones delivered his final “revolutionary suicide” speech and bequeathed his cult’s $8 million fortune to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The next morning, 918 men, women and children lay dead in the jungle after having ingested cyanide-laced Kool-Aid...

Update: Byron York interviews occupiers, On Wall Street, unoccupied with nowhere to go

Elizabeth Warren decides not to mess with her day job Candidate Warren has found a place she does not want Occupied, her employer Harvard University.

And who doesn’t want to get behind a movement that terrorizes young children on their way to school? OWS Protesters Chant ‘Follow Those Kids!’ As Small Children Try To Go To School On Wall Street Tiny Tots, Some As Young As 4, Overwhelmed By Hostility, Crush Of Humanity

Update 2: More video proof that evil never rests. Violent #OWS Mob Screaming “F*ck the Police!” Rush NY City Cops .

Last night a group of protesters including SEIU and MoveOn members were marching in the streets. All of the sudden a mob of around 500 thugs come running through the streets screaming, “F*ck cops! F*ck police!”

Remember the President supports OWS, SEIU, and is shielded by Soro’s The same President who said the police of Cambridge, MA “acted stupidly.”

LAPD: Serious Crime Has Doubled in the Area Around Occupy LA

#OWS! (Unless it’s Wall Street DEMOCRAT Jon Corzine stealing the $M600).

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