RFK Jr: Air America ‘was beating out right wing radio,’ but evil corporate advertisers boycotted it

Thomas Lifson
American Thinker

Conspiracy theorist Robert Kennedy, Jr is one of those leftists living in an alternate universe, a man who feels entitled not just to his own opinions, but to his own facts. Utilizing the taxpayer-subsidized airwaves of PBS, he told Tavis Smiley that Air America’s failure was due to a boycott of evil corporate advertisers, not to a failure to attract listeners.

“Air America failed not because it wasn’t popular In every jurisdiction where it was operating, it was beating out right wing radio…. the problem was that it couldn’t get advertising. The corporations – tyhe oil companies, the biggest advertisers.. the pharmaceutical companies… the automobile companies… these companies, they all boycotted it.”

This is crazy on multiple counts. As anyone who listens to Rush Limbaugh or any of the other talk radio greats can easily attest, pharmaceutical companies, automobile companies, and other blue ribbon corporate advertisers are far from the top advertisers. Right now, it is gold companies, and entrepreneurial firms. Rush Limbaugh’s current top advertiser is his own new iced tea company, an example of do-it-yourself entrepreneurship — precisely 180 degrees opposite the corporate sponsorship model crazy RFK posits.

The article, with video, continues at American Thinker.

H/T iOwnTheWorld where BigFurHat has an interesting theory about this interview.

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