RI lawmaker: Device can stop texting while driving

David Klepper
Associated Press
via The Providence Journal

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Rhode Island may enlist some high-tech help in the fight against texting while driving: a device that jams most cell phone capabilities when a vehicle’s engine is running.

A state lawmaker has proposed legislation to require those caught texting while driving to install such a device. The equipment is wired to a vehicle’s engine and alerts the driver’s cell phone when the engine is on. Software installed on the phone then disables texting or email capabilities. Phones without the software aren’t affected.

Several companies manufacture the technology. Rhode Island would be the first state to require its use for those found in violation of a texting-while-driving ban. A House committee plans to review the proposal Wednesday.

“Texting while driving is such a dangerous thing to do,” said Rep. Charlene Lima, D-Cranston. “This would make sure a person who has been found guilty of doing this won’t do it again.”

The idea occurred to Lima after she watched a segment about the technology on a morning news show. She said the idea is a natural extension of ignition interlock technology, which prevents those convicted of drunk driving from operating their vehicle if they’ve been drinking.

Lima said she also wants to require the devices on police and fire vehicles and in the driver’s seats of buses and other public transportation.

If lawmakers endorse Lima’s proposal, the state will be able to choose from several products in a burgeoning field…

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Update: Perhaps Ms. Lima can get a job working for Ray LaHood. We remind you of this article and his plans for your mobile phone: ‘Because you’re too stupid and irresponsible…’ the phoning-while-driving-edition.

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