RNC’s Steele talks immigration policy in meeting with Hispanic activists

Peter Hamby

Washington (CNN) – In a private meeting with Hispanic Republican activists last week, Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele called for a comprehensive immigration policy that puts families first – a stance at odds with some conservatives in his party who see border security and enforcement as top priorities.

Steele also said Republican leaders are sensitive to “the perception of racism in law” following the signing of a tough new immigration bill in Arizona.

The RNC chairman made the comments in Washington on Friday, shortly after Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer enacted the controversial law, which requires police to question people suspected of being in the country illegally. Critics of the law argue that it will lead to racial profiling and civil rights violations.

An activist present at the meeting recorded a video clip of the party chairman’s speech and showed it to CNN.

“If we want to have a comprehensive policy that is uniform around the nation, then the federal government has got to step up,” Steele told the activists. “I look forward to our Republican leadership putting on the table good solid efforts to create the kind of reform that takes in mind first and foremost the family, that recognizes that this is not a nameless composition.”

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