Rove’s Numbers

Sunday, September 6, 2009
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Rove’s Numbers

Discussing public sentiment on Thursday night with Sean Hannity, Karl Rove offered the following numbers relating to Obama and the Democrats in power:


• 242 days since the inauguration

• 111 speeches given by President Obama on health care

• 40 days was the original amount of time given by Obama for Congress to completely overhaul health care

• 67% of Americans oppose or strongly oppose a government takeover of health care

• 53% job approval for President Obama as an average of all major polls

• 50% job approval for President Obama as measured by Gallup; this means Obama dropped to 50% approval faster (by 8/26) than all prior Presidents including Ford (after pardoning Nixon) and Clinton (gays in the military debacle)

• 40%-47% approve-disapprove ratio relating to Obama

• 37% job approval for Congress, the lowest in 24 years

• 45%-44% generic identification Democrat vs. GOP, which signals a major shift

• New Jersey’s incumbent Democrat Governor trails by 10 points in the latest polling

• Virginia’s Democrat trails by 9 points for the Governorship

It’s way too early to get very excited, but the groundswell of public distaste for the Democrats’ poor leadership abilities is becoming clear.

Writing just a couple of weeks after the election, Rove’s Wall Street Journal op-ed now appears eerily prescient.

[Graphic by Doug Ross@Journal]

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