Rubio Delivers Blistering Speech on Obama’s Assault on Israel

Alyssa Canobbio
The Washington Free Beacon

Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) took to the Senate floor Thursday to voice his opinion on President Obama’s assault on Israel.

It has taken two days for Obama to call Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and congratulate him on his reelection. Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have taken part in very sensitive talks with Iran about its nuclear program.

Rubio began speaking on how Obama has always been among the first to call controversial leaders and congratulate them on winning their elections but has remained silent when it came to congratulating on the United States’ biggest ally in the Middle East. Rubio continued, making multiple points that the Obama administration has not stood with Israel.

“If America does not stand with Israel, who would we stand with?” Rubio said.



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…Netanyahu appeared to walk back his remarks this week about opposing a two-state solution. He told Kelly that he didn’t retract anything he said in his 2009 speech, in which he said he supported a peace deal. Netanyahu said he still wants a demilitarized Palestinian state to recognize a Jewish state, but that the conditions today are not achievable. Netanyahu said we must get the Palestinians back at the negotiation table, where they must break their pact with Hamas and accept the idea of a Jewish state.

Kelly questioned Netanyahu on reports that President Barack Obama sees no path to a peace agreement and is threatening to abandon Israel at the United Nations.

“I hope that’s not true, and I think that President Obama has said time and time again, as I’ve said, that the only path to a peace agreement is an agreement, a negotiated agreement. You can’t impose it,” he said.

Netanyahu added that Israel can’t be forced to accept terms that would endanger its very survival.

“I don’t think that’s the direction of American policy,” he said. “I hope it’s not.”…


Palestinians confirm U.S. ‘studying’ abandoning Israel at U.N.

…Dmitry Diliani, who is also a member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council, stated, “Now the United States, at the same time, yes, it has been studying its position.

“Especially at a time when Benjamin Netanyahu basically not only slapped the face of American policy by a statement rejecting a two-state solution,” he said. “He spat on the face of the American policy. Something that I don’t think any American would allow this to happen to the greatest country in the world.”…


Media distorts Bibi’s statements, then claims he’s walking them back (video)

The distortion of Benjamin Netanyahu’s pre-election statements on a two-state solution and Arab voting was a classic Obama and media distortion.

If you take the actual text of Netanyahu said, he never ruled out a two-state solution and never discouraged Arab voting. But those were the headlines and the foaming-at-the mouth hyperbole, fomented by the Obama administration in numerous anonymous statements to the media.

Schmuel Rosner has the analysis, from earlier today, Is Obama getting ready to throw Israel under a UN bus?…



CAJ note: The video has been updated to include Senator Tom Cotton’s remarks about Israel’s recent election and the Obama administration’s antipathy towards the Jewish state.


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