Rubio: Obama's New Cuba Policy 'Puts a Price on Every American Abroad'

Susan Jones
CNS News

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) says he’s glad that American “hostage” Alan Gross has been released from a Cuban prison after five years, but he opposes the process by which his release was secured — “because it puts a price on every American abroad.”

“Governments now know that if they can take an American hostage, they can get very significant concessions from the United States.”

As part of the deal to free Gross, the United States will release three Cuban spies: “They’re not just benign Cuban spies,” Rubio — the son of Cuban exiles — told Fox News on Wednesday. “These Cuban spies were involved in providing information to the Cuban government that led to the murder of U.S. citizens in the infamous shootdown of the Brothers to the Rescue aircraft back in 1996…

…”And it’s ironic, that a week after we imposed sanctions on human rights violators in Venezuela, we are lifting sanctions on the government that has taught the Venezuelans how to commit these human rights violantions. It’s absurd. And it’s part of the long record of coddling dictators and tyrants that this adminstration has established.”…



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…Cuban is run by the Castro thugs. There is no democratically elected government. Obama did not make a deal with the elected representatives of the Cuban people.

He made a deal with the Castro crime family…



Obama throws Pope Francis under the bus in aftermath of Cuba prisoner swap (video)

While President Barack Obama’s sycophants breathlessly announced the prisoner trade that led to the release of American Alan Gross from a Cuban dungeon, a large firestorm erupted in the United States and sharp criticism of Obama’s prisoner swap was leveled at the President over yet another unilateral move that was obviously mismanaged. As a result, Obama and his minions are now telling Americans that it was the leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, who is responsible for brokering Gross’ release and his return to the U.S. on Wednesday. In essence, America’s de facto supreme leader is throwing the Prince of the Catholic Church under the bus, say critics…



Update: Krauthammer on Cube: Is There No Tyrant Obama Won’t Appease For Nothing In Return? (video)

…Reading a previous Obama comment, Krauthammer says, “This is what he said in ’08, ‘I will maintain the embargo’ and he said for precisely the reason that we have cited here today. ‘It provides us with leverage to provide the regime with a choice, if you take significant steps towards a democracy, we will take steps to begin normalizing relations.’ Which is the consensus that the country has had for fifty years.”…


Update 2: ‘Are you an idiot?!?!?!?’ David Corn beclowns self over Rubio in grand fashion


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