Rush: A Golden Opportunity for Mitt Romney

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…Okay, let’s just dive in here. Romney’s at a fundraiser, he’s in Boca Raton. I think I’ve mentioned this to you, folks, a couple of times. I have attended such fundraisers. I was not at this one, but I have been at candidate fundraisers, and I’ve had meetings with presidential candidates. And, without exception, this is common. Republican presidential candidates go full metal conservatism when they’re talking to donors. When I saw the Romney video, the first thing I thought, “All right, we have a golden opportunity.” …

…This could be the opportunity for Romney and for that campaign to finally take the gloves off and take the fear off and just start explaining conservatism. Start explaining liberty to people and what it means, and explain that they don’t have to be in that 47%. There’s no reason for them, for everybody, to essentially have given up on their future in this country. There’s no reason for it. This is, to me, such an opportunity to espouse conservatism and to explain to people. Now that people are focused on this, now that people are paying attention to it, this is a golden opportunity, and we know Romney’s got it in him because of what he said to these people.

I’ve been sworn to secrecy. Folks, this is common. If you knew what Republican moderate presidential candidates said to their donors, you’d be a little ticked off because you’d wonder why they don’t speak that way in public. They are as conservative as you and I are. I’ve spoken to them privately. The candidates that I see on the campaign trail versus the ones that tell me what they really think are two different people. There is a fear of being conservative because of what has happened to Romney with this. They’ve been sitting on this video for a while…

…This is a gold mine of opportunity that Romney has here. The real question is: Does he have anybody on his staff to tell him? Does he have anybody — any consultants — who will, or are they still gonna be wallowing in fear over this?…

…Mitt Romney hasn’t done anything to anybody…

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…Romney is being tested, and we will see if he can rise to the occasion. The media are showing what they can do, putting Romney on the defensive, using what they have to make us look at something negative about him even and especially when some truly newsworthy problem is plaguing Obama. I want to see what Romney can do, getting on top of this media beating (which is not going to end).

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CJinPA said…

Curious, since Romney made a clear call for Mother Jones to release the whole tape, I haven’t heard anything about that from the media. Are they pursuing it?

Or will this be one of those rare times when they think voters are served by less context?

9/18/12 2:12 PM

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