Russia’s President, A Regular (Groucho) Marx?

By Ed Carson
Investor’s Business Daily
Nov. 14, ’09

Since President Obama decided to cancel an Eastern Europe missile shield, Russia has given hints that it’s open to tougher sanctions on Iran, quickly followed by objections to even threatening sanctions.

Paul Mirengoff at Powerline says President Dmitry Medvedev is adopting a clever strategy of Marx — Groucho Marx:

“During a party scene in the movie “Monkey Business,” Groucho Marx spots a waiter carrying a drink, but the waiter tells him the drink is for the guest of honor. Groucho pulls out a dollar bill and says to the waiter: ‘See this?’ The waiter responds by giving Groucho the drink, whereupon Groucho pulls the dollar away and says: ‘Come back in a half hour and I’ll give you another look at it.'”

“Substitute Russian President Dmitry Medvedev for Groucho, and economic sanctions against Iran for the dollar bill, and you get a pretty good sense of the farce being played out at the expense of President Obama — or, more precisely, the United States — these days.”

Read the whole thing.

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