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Poor Sandra Fluke… She Wants You To Pay For Her $9/Month Birth Control As She Frolics in Spain & Pompeii

Jim Hoft

Just when you thought you’d seen everything.
Poor Sandra Fluke, the 30 year-old far left activist who wants you to pay for her $9 a month birth control, is dating a rich socialist.

They recently traveled to Spain and Italy together.
It was a lovely getaway for the women’s rights activist and her rich socialist boyfriend.

Here the two lovebirds are roughing it late at night in Barcelona – drunk.

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… And would you selfish taxpayers please buy her rich boyfriend a new pair of trousers. The poor guy wore this pair out – in the crotch…

The complete article, with many more links and photos, is at GatewayPundit

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Sandra Fluke’s Boyfriend, Adam “Cutie Pants” Mutterperl, And His Radical Socialist Family

…Recently, it was reported that Sandra Fluke is connected to none other than 1%’er, William (Bill) Mutterperl, through her boyfriend. However, it wasn’t reported who her boyfriend is. Everyone, meet Sandra’s boyfriend, wannabe producer, and amateur stand-up comic, Adam “Cutie Pants” Mutterperl, in this video audition he submitted to a “reality” show…

…Anyway, on to Adam’s “typical Democrat family”. The term BIll O’Reilly used to describe Bill Mutterperl is “Democratic stalwart”. However, as soon as I heard his name in a story about Sandra Fluke, I almost choked, due to my sudden epiphany. Why? Because anyone familiar with Boston and New York political history knows about the wealthy Mutterperl family’s long tradition of supporting the typical Jewish variant of socialism. Bill Mutterperl’s family are much more than Democratic stalwarts…

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The entire “must read” article, with video, is at The Graph. It explains the history of the Mutterperl family in the US and their connections with people like Paul Volcker and Cass Sunstein. Also, be sure to read the names in this newspaper clipping at the end of the article.

H/T Free Republic

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