Sarah Palin Had an Awesome Day at Work Today

William Wei
Business Insider

Sitting by a pile of newspapers, Sarah Palin opened up her Today show co-hosting gig by poking fun at an embarrassing interview she did with Katie Couric, who just happened to be hosting rival morning show Good Morning America.

Then, in an interview with Matt Lauer, Palin went on the offensive and bashed Obama and the “lamestream media.” She also hung out with Tori Spelling and talked about mom things. Watch some of Palin’s Today show highlights below:



At Althouse, Sarah Palin, comedienne. We enjoyed the readers’ comments, especially this: “It’s hard to believe she was manipulated by the press. In any case, she sure learned fast. No one is getting away with it now, least of all Matt Lauer. She wiped the floor with him, and exposed him as the smug, unlikable frat boy he is.”

Update: Palin: ‘I’m ecstatic we beat the ‘perky one” In Alaska, they like things cold. Especially revenge.

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