Saudis: Investigate Climategate

by Don Surber
Charleston Daily Mail
Monday, December 7, 2009

What happens when scientific data has been tampered with? You recalibrate. You recalculate. And you investigate.

Why is it that only some 14th century throwback dictatorship — the House of Saud — is calling for an investigation into Climategate? Are the American media and the world’s democracies so vested in this religion of Man’s Sin bringing fire and brimstone onto the Earth that they cannot see that they are being played for suckers by Al Gore and his ilk?

From Russia TV: “Saudi Arabia called for an independent investigation into Climategate Monday, warning that the scandal over stolen e-mails threatened to undermine the global-warming negotiations beginning in Copenhagen. We believe this scandal — or what has been referred to as the climategate scandal — we think this is definitely going to affect the nature of what could be trusted in our deliberations, the Saudi Arabian negotiator said.”

From Andrew Moran: “The Climategate scandal has rocked the environmental communities across the globe prompting scientists and public officials to play a game of “he said, she said” and now a prominent Saudi Arabian Chief Climate Negotiator, Mohammed al-Sabban, believes the climate science has been “shaken” due to thousands of leaked e-mails and documents, according to AFP.

“Al-Sabban further called for an independent international investigation into the Climategate scandal; however, he doesn’t want the United Nations climate science body to conduct such investigations because they have been compromised.”

This scandal is an embarrassment to the United Nations, the Obama administration and the administration of most of the rest of G-20.

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