Scalia on Restoring Constitution: ‘I Don’t Know That I’m Optimistic’

Patrick Burke

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said recently that–“especially after last term”–he does not know if he is confident the Constitution can be restored to its original meaning.

He likened his own efforts to do so to the character “Frodo” in the Lord of the Rings, who fights the good fight not certain he will win.

While discussing his new book Reading Law at Stanford University on Oct. 19, the Hoover Institution’s Peter Robinson quoted to Scalia a passage from Scalia’s book, Reading Law: “Originalism does not always provide an easy answer, or even a clear one. Originalism is not perfect. But it is more certain than any other criterion, and it is not too late to restore a strong sense of judicial fidelity to texts.”…

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