Scandal Comparison Chart: Benghazi-gate vs. Valerie Plame

Doug Ross
Director Blue

Please review the following chart. At the bottom, I have a suggestion for any Republican candidate, representative or pundit who is asked why they are “politicizing” Benghazi…

…My suggestion for those who are confronted with charges of “politicizing” Benghazi?

I don’t need to be lectured by the likes of you — who made “Valerie Plame” a household term — when a U.S. ambassador and three other personnel are dead, when the president lied for days about how they were killed, and when we can’t find out why they were refused help, because the man ostensibly in charge refuses to take serious interviews and the White House Briefing Room has been closed for more than two weeks.

The chart is at Doug Ross’s Director Blue.


Hume rips ‘remarkably reticent’ media on Benghazi

…“One of the problems we’re having here is, that it has fallen to this news organization, Fox News, and a couple others to do all the heavy lifting on this story,” Hume said. “And the mainstream organs of the media that would be after this like a pack of hounds if this were a Republican president, have been remarkably reticent. And there has been some good reporting, but nothing like on the scale and to the degree of specificity that you would expect by now.”…

Update:  At Instapundit:

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