Secret Service’s finest hour

Jim Treacher
The Daily Caller

Secret Service’s finest hour — Protecting the President of the United States is a difficult, stressful job, and sometimes you just gotta vent. Chris Moody: “The Secret Service joined Twitter only a few weeks ago, but after an accidental post complaining about having to watch the Fox News cable channel, it’s clear that the agency is still getting the hang of social media. ‘Had to monitor Fox for a story. Can’t. Deal. With. The. Blathering.,’ the U.S. Secret Service’s official feed read on Wednesday. It was promptly deleted. The agency’s Office of Government and Public Affairs is responsible for the feed, and the misfired tweet was posted by an employee’s iPad who thought it would go on a personal account, the agency said, calling it an ‘unapproved and inappropriate tweet.’” This raises some interesting questions. Why does the Secret Service need a Twitter account? Why are they monitoring Fox News “for a story”? And how embarrassing is it to hire somebody who expresses frustration and contempt by making each word its own sentence, in the manner of a junior-high girl texting about a rival’s new jeggings?

The story at The Daily Caller, Secret Service says agents ‘monitor’ Fox News frequently

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