Secretary of State Clinton: Women sidelined in Egypt transition

Robert Spencer
Jihad Watch

She supported the “transition to democracy.” She’s the Secretary of State — she must have known that the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic supremacists were driving that transition. And now she is surprised?

“Clinton says women sidelined in Egypt transition,” from AFP, December 16 (thanks to EH):

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Friday that women were being sidelined in the hoped-for transition to democracy in Egypt, including during the current parliamentary elections.”In Egypt, women have been largely excluded from the transition process and even harassed in the street,” Clinton said in prepared remarks for a speech on women, peace and security.

“The best-organized political parties supported few women candidates in the recent elections,” she added, referring to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party.

“And the positions of these parties on women’s rights remain ambiguous at best.”

The Brotherhood and other Islamists, who won more than two thirds of the vote in the first round, are projected to win all three stages of the country’s first elections since a popular uprising ousted president Hosni Mubarak in February. The second round ended this week.

“They should recognize that Egypt’s revolution was won by men and women working together, and its democracy will only thrive by men and women working together,” Clinton said.

In July, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces that has been running the country since Mubarak’s overthrow announced that the women’s quota in parliament established by the deposed leader would be abolished….


CAJ note: “Sidelined”? Oh, that explains this:

‘I feel wretched’: Woman protester who was stripped and dragged through streets by Egyptian soldiers breaks her silence

Footage and stills of the woman being beaten, kicked and stamped on as her hijab was torn off in Tahrir Square have made front page news around the world.

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…Whether it’s the CIA or the military, sophisticated surveillance is proving inadequate, and proper background checks of Middle Easterners aren’t being done. Each example serves as another case in point. What makes us think that the State Department would update its virus protection program? Even more disconcerting than Mohamed and Balawi is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s aide and Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin, who has been with Clinton since 1996. She was never properly screened, this will be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt…

Update: “Egypt does not accept any interference in its internal affairs……”

Ma’am, that’s The Muslim Brotherhood saying ‘Silence, Woman !’

Update 2Violence and bloodshed in Egypt disturb Secretary Clinton

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