SEIU Partners with Obama’s Conservation Youth Corps

Indoctrinated and ready to fight for a socialist America.

Jim Hoft

Big Government Socialists Never Sleep—
Just when you thought this radical administration was ready to cut back on their socialist agenda they surprise you with another shockingly radical initiative.

Team Obama announced this week the formation of their American Conservation Youth Corps.

That’s not all.
One of the major partners of this green youth corps is the SEIU.
P/Oed Patriot discovered this.

Earlier this week I broke the story about how Obama’s 21st Century Youth Conservation Corps is actually a vehicle that is being used to indoctrinate your children into not only believing in Global Warming, but as the Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar said, to turn your children into “Engines of Change“.

The 21st Century Conservation Youth Corps is being administered by the Department of Interior’s ‘Youth Department’ that was created in 2009 by Ken Salazar. And according to the ‘Youth Department’s’ website,, it’s their job to “inspire” The Next Generation of Conservation Leaders:

“The Next Generation of Conservation Leaders

Outside and Involved

The Department of the Interior is uniquely positioned to help millions of young Americans reconnect with our natural and cultural heritage, put thousands of young people to work in the great outdoors, and inspire the next generation of conservation leaders.

Who is partnered up with in order to help “inspire” those new Conservation Leaders? According to the partnership page of several Government and leftest Organizations including, AmeriCorps, The Sierra Club and something called The Blue Green Alliance

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