Sen Jeff Sessions Dismantles EPA Chief McCarthy In Senate Hearings

Wants Answers, Not Hysteria And “I Don’t Know”

Rick Wells

…Senator Sessions asks the EPA Chief some fairly straight-forward questions, relating to specific facts and figures, not to generalities and prophesies. That line of questioning leaves McCarthy in a difficult position. She’s has no idea what he’s talking about. Facts aren’t necessary in the religion of global warming and she has no use for them; hype and hysteria should be good enough.

They aren’t enough for Senator Sessions. He asks her specifically regarding the elevated level of spending, six percent versus two percent which would be in line with the accepted cost of living figures. She self exempts her agency from sequestration based upon the “president’s” dictatorial determination that it is bad policy and he simply isn’t going to comply.

Sessions notes that when they go home to their constituents, the most complained about agency is the EPA. He defines their actions generally as an extraordinary overreach…



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