Sen Jeff Sessions – Secret Citizenship Back Door Inside Amnesty May Finally Force Dems To End Obama’s Treasonous Assault

Rick Wells

An exasperated Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), having been informed of yet another subversive attack on our nation by the Marxist criminals in the White House, responded by posting a statement on his Senate website.

Senators Sessions, Vitter, Cruz and Lee have been on the forefront of pressing this issue into the psyche of the America people. Amnesty is a manifestation of the assault on our form of government, on our sovereignty and on our rights as American citizens to the fruits of our nation and of our labor. It is a tool not of humanitarian nature, but of treasonous criminal exploitation.

We the people of this nation have a birthright that cannot be simply handed out at will by an illegal alien criminal who has manipulated his way into a fraudulent occupation of the White House. This is our country, not his and we do not accept his redistribution of our nation to foreign illegal squatters or anyone else.

Is there anyone else among the one hundred Senators who represents the American people? Are all Democrats criminal coconspirators with the traitors who have commandeered our government within the executive branch?

We are about to find out…



Read Senator Sessions’ statement at





Update: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott: ‘Federal Judge Just Granted My Request to Halt Obama’s Executive Amnesty Order Nationwide’

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced on Monday night that a federal judge has “granted” his request to “halt” President Barack Obama’s “Executive Amnesty Order” across the country.

Abbott didn’t immediately offer any other details, but promised for information later…


Update 2: Sen. Sessions Releases Lengthy Timeline of Obama Administration’s Dismantling of Immigration Law (video)

As Republicans work to overcome a Democratic filibuster of a House-passed Department of Homeland Security bill that blocks President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is highlighting the Obama administration’s long history of dismantling immigration laws.

In a lengthy timeline released Monday, Sessions — the chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest — lists every instance of the Obama administration ignoring, rewriting, delaying and breaking the nation’s immigration laws…



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