Senate Democrats press Obama on Hamas

Ben Smith

Twenty-seven Senate Democrats wrote President Obama today to urge him to weigh in vocally against the Palestinian Authority’s peace deal with the Gaza group Hamas.

“The United States should stand by its refusal to work with any Palestinian government that includes Hamas,” says the letter, whose first signatory is Robert Menendez and also includes Chuck Schumer, Bob Casey, Carl Levin, and Joe Lieberman.

Leading members of Congress of both parties have threatened to cut off funding for the Palestinian Authority should it join Hamas, unless Hamas recognizes Israel’s right to exist, renounces violence, and accepts past peace agreements. The Administration has taken a somewhat more muted line, and the Senate Democrats are calling on Obama to raise the volume.

“It is imperative for you to make clear to President Abbas that Palestinian Authority participation in a unity government with an unreformed Hamas will jeopardize its relationship wth the United States, including its receipt of U.S. aid,” the letter says. “We urge you to conduct a review of the current situation and suspend aid should Hamas refuse to comply with Quartet conditions.”

The senators conclude: “The Palestinian Authority needs to get back to the negotiating table rather than pursue futile and harmful efforts to join with Hamas or seek recognition of Palestinian statehood at the U.N.”

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…Meanwhile, there are already calls from members of Congress to end US funding of the PA because of this pact, on the grounds that it is unconscionable for American money to be used to subsidise Hamas because of its open ambition to destroy Israel and the genocidal Jew-hatred of its foundational Charter (it’s a shame the same objections are not made to using western money to fund the incitement by PA-controlled media, preachers and teachers to hate Jews and murder Israelis, but let’s skip lightly over that for now)…

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Update: Palestinian Unity Pact & Communists – Preparation for Statehood; Moves to establish a Palestinian state are fast gathering momentum. By Trevor Loudon at Emerging Corruption.

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