Senator Rand Paul on Conservative Foreign Policy

For Americans to grasp the mindset of Radical Islam we need to understand that they are still hopping mad about the massacre at Karbala several hundred years ago. Meanwhile, many Americans seem to be more concerned with who is winning ‘Dancing with the Stars.’


Rob Bluey

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) visits Heritage this morning to deliver a much-anticipated speech about a constitutionally conservative foreign policy — one that respects the Founders’ vision for America…


There’s video of an interview with the Senator at

The transcript of the speech is at The Right Scoop, along with a video of an interview with Rand Paul on Fox News.


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Update: Jerome Hudson posted the video of Ronald Reagan’s famous speech, A Time for Choosing in honor of the President’s birthday. We urge you to watch it because, as Mr. Hudson writes, “This one seems more applicable now, than ever.”

Also watch, Honoring Reagan’s Birthday: Ronald Reagan’s Speech Announcing His Run for President – 11/13/1979 from Freedom’s Lighthouse.


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