Senator Sessions warns all of Congress: Obama's new immigration strategy 'threatens foundation of our Constitutional republic'

Matthew boyle
Big Government
15 Jul 2014

…[Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Jeff] Sessions cites another paragraph from that National Journal piece as well, in which Garrett reported that President Obama has “now ordered the Homeland Security and Justice departments to find executive authorities that could enlarge that non-prosecutorial umbrella by a factor of 10.”…

…Sessions, whose office hand-delivered the letter to every member of Congress Monday, wrote that this development from the Obama administration is “breathtaking.” The letter continued:

The action the President is reportedly contemplating would be a nullification of the Immigration and National Act by the Executive Branch of government. Indeed, it would be an executive nullification of our borders as an enforceable national boundary. By declaring whole classes of illegal immigrants beyond the reach of the law, it would remove the moral authority needed to enforce any immigration law, creating the very open-borders policy explicitly rejected by Congress and the people. And it would guarantee that the current illegal immigration disaster would only further worsen and destabilize.


…Sessions argues that all of this bickering in Washington is a facade that doesn’t address the real problem. To really fix the issue, he argues, politicians need to be willing to enforce immigration laws in America and stop dealing with special interests who want the border to remain unsecured and seek continually high levels of immigration, legal or illegal, given how it benefits them in the form of cheap labor.

“As you know, over the last five and a half years, the President has routinely bypassed Congress in order to suspend enforcement of our immigration laws,” Sessions wrote. “The most dramatic of these lawless directives was the President’s 2012 Deferred Action Program for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), in which the president implemented by executive fiat legislation that Congress has three times rejected.”

Sessions wrote that the president’s DACA program “has led to catastrophic results,” because it was “declaring to the entire world that America will not enforce its immigration laws against those who enter the country as minors” and that the U.S. will “freely grant them access to work permits and taxpayer resources.” …

…Sessions told his colleagues that “there is a clear path forward” from this problem in order to “prevent the continued dissolution of America’s borders.”…



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