Senators Schumer and Graham Working Together on Comprehensive Immigration Bill

Verum Serum

In an interview with Univision Monday, Sen. Schumer announced he is currently working on a comprehensive immigration bill that, potentially, would include a path to citizenship. He went on to say that he is working behind the scenes on the legislation with Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, trying to move it forward…

Not coincidentally, Sen. Schumer offered his case for reform in the Hill two days ago. He seems to be gearing up for a big push once the debt ceiling issue has stopped taking up all the oxygen in the room.

During the 2010 election cycle the failure to act sooner on immigration reform was a source of friction with some Hispanic voters. When asked about it during an interview on the popular Piolin radio show last October, Obama suggested Hispanics should “punish” their “enemies.” He later admitted it was a poor choice of words.

There is no doubt the administration knows this will be a significant factor in President Obama’s reelection chances in 2012. A big push is surely coming.

Watch the video of Schumer’s interview on UniVision at Verum Serum.

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