September 11, 2010

The Old Jarhead

On this 9th Anniversary of the Jihadist Attacks on America and the murder of almost 3,000 innocent people in the name of Allah, please do not do anything to offend Muslims. Do not criticize anything in the Qur’an and the Hadith. Do not practice your faith where it will offend them. Do not criticize them for persecuting Christians and Jews in Muslim ruled lands, or for child marriages sanctioned by the perfect example of Mohammad (Peace Be upon Him) as reported in Bukhari vol. 7, #65:”Narrated Aisha that the prophet wrote the marriage contract with her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years.” Bukhari is considered one of the strongest and most scared of the Hadith (also called the Sunna), the traditions of the Companions of the Prophet, and thus it’s not to be questioned when many Muslim countries establish nine as the marriage age for girls.

Ignore the daily catalog of murders, stonings, violence and riots in the name of Allah, but remember that “Islam is a Religion of Peace.” Ignore insults such as Muslims burning or trampling the America flag, and condemn any insult to Islam, such as burning the Qur’an. Do not criticize Muslims for executing rape victims, because the Qur’an says that, absent four male Muslim witnesses, it’s not rape but adultery, which is of course punishable by stoning. Do not criticize the genital mutilation of little girls, as that is part of many cultures, even some non-Muslim cultures, and every culture is equally valid. Do not complain that Christians and Jews cannot build places of worship in many Muslim countries, or even enter Mecca, as doing so would offend Muslims. Do not point out that polygamy victimizes women, who are often no more than children, but remember that some fundamentalist Mormons in our country practice it as well, so that makes it all right. And please stop bringing up the Muslim honor killings of wives, sisters and daughters, as that is part of their culture, and they have a right to practice their culture here just as we do. But we cannot practice our culture in Muslim lands because that would offend them.

Do not question that under Islamic Shari’a law a woman can only inherit half of what a man does, and her testimony is worth only half of a man’s, or that she can be divorced and left destitute, but not divorce an abusive husband, because that was decreed by Allah through his Prophet, and can’t be changed from what it was in the 7th century. Certainly don’t offend by pointing out that the Holy Qur’an allows wives to be beaten and recognizes slavery, allowing forced sex with slave girls (that which your right hand possesses).

Don’t mention that Iran hangs gays, as they are offended if you suggest there are gay Muslims. Do not complain if Muslims are given special time off at work or school to pray. And if footbaths have to be installed to make Muslims feel welcome, it’s only fair for everyone to pay for them.

And, especially, do not suggest that the main victims of the Islamists are the millions of peaceful Muslims who only want to lead quiet lives, especially Muslim women and Muslim children. Given that most of the murder victims of the Islamists are fellow Muslims, why should we complain?

Just honor the 9/11 victims by shutting up. That will show that you are tolerant and not “Islamophobic.”

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