Sessions: ‘A Vote for TAA Next Week is a Vote to Send Fast-Track to the President’s Desk’

Breitbart News
12 Jun 2015

U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) warns:

It appears there will be another attempt by Tuesday to force through new executive powers for President Obama. A vote for TAA next week is a vote to send fast-track to the President’s desk and to grant him these broad new executive authorities. If that happens, it will empower the President to form a Pacific Union encompassing 40 percent of the world’s economy and 12 nations—each with one equal vote. Once the union is formed, foreign bureaucrats will be required to meet regularly to write the Commission’s rules, regulations, and directives—impacting Americans’ jobs, wages, and sovereignty. The union is chartered with a “Living Agreement,” and there is no doubt it will seek to expand its membership and reach over time.

Fast-track will not only apply to the Pacific Union, but can expedite an unlimited number of yet-unseen international compacts for six years. There are already plans to advance through fast-track the Trade in Services Agreement, the goal of which includes labor mobility among more than 50 nations, further eroding the ability of the American people to control their own affairs.

Americans do not want this, did not ask for it, and are pleading from their hearts for their lawmakers to stop it…

…While elites dream of a world without borders, voters dream of a world where the politicians they elect put this country’s own citizens first…



The complete statement is at Breitbart News.

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“She stood up against corporate interests and as always put first the people who are too often left out of trade agreement discussions,” Trumka added. “I applaud Rep. Pelosi’s bravery and leadership on this and look forward to working with her on good trade bills.”

The 126-302 vote against TAA, represented a striking defeat for Obama who had visited the Democratic caucus that morning to plea for support…


Crushed: Obama Fails Desperate Push On Trade Authority Vote

…Earlier this week Obama boasted that he was confident he would get the votes necessary to pass the legislation.

“I’m not going to hypothesize about not getting it done. I intend to get it done,” he said after meeting with world leaders in Germany on Monday.

Yesterday, White House Press Secretary warned Democratic members of Congress from voting against the legislation, asserting that they were adding their names to the “death certificate” of trade adjustment assistance…



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