Sessions: Border Crisis ‘A Direct Failure of Presidential Leadership’

Philip Wegmann
The Daily Signal

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., said President Obama would rather play politics than follow the law to remedy the humanitarian crisis festering at the southern border.

“This is a direct failure of presidential leadership,” Sessions said Thursday at the Eagle Forum’s annual leadership conference. “I’ve never seen anything like this steadfast refusal to follow the law.”

Session said the president’s refusal to deport young illegal immigrants gathering at the border lends credence to the amnesty rumors in Central America that fuel the crises. He said if Obama instead would “establish clarity,” it would cause all the “anger and frustration would go away…



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Two additional articles at the site:   Sen. Coburn: Why Don’t We Verify Immigration Status of Sponsors for Unaccompanied Children?  (video)

Department of Health and Human Services official Mark Greenburg stated during a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing on Wednesday that, when placing unaccompanied, illegal immigrant children into homes to await their respective deportation hearings, the department does not verify nor take into account the legal status of sponsors. Committee member Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., remarked that, if a child were to stay with sponsors who “in fact, are not here legally” and would thus fear exposing themselves, the likelihood that child will appear in court will be “markedly diminished.”



Transcript: Cruz Responds to Obama’s Border Security Proposal  (video)

…It’s $3.7 billion dollars, and less than 5 percent of it goes to actual border security. The president’s selling it as a border security bill, but it’s a social services bill. It goes to Health and Human Services, it goes to social services… And this bill the president has put forward assumes that we will continue to see this humanitarian crisis for years going forward because it doesn’t fix the problem. We are seeing right now — this year, it’s going to be roughly 90,000 little boys and little girls in the hands of drug dealers and cartels being physically victimized, sexually victimized… And this humanitarian crisis is the direct consequence of President Obama’s lawlessness — of the amnesty that these children believe is promised to them. If we want to solve this crisis — if we want to respond to the suffering of these kids, the only way to do so is to stop the lawlessness — to start enforcing our immigration laws and to secure the borders. President Obama’s bill doesn’t even attempt to do that. Instead, it assumes the problem will continue in perpetuity, and that’s the wrong approach to take…



Update:  Rick Perry Has Filled the Leadership Gap That Barack Obama Left Behind to Play Pool and Drink Starbucks

A lot of people are noticing that Rick Perry is making himself look pretty good by doing what presidents did before the Age of Obama — actually talking about a serious issue and yeah, even talking about a serious issue at the situs of the serious issue, what I guess you would call a “photo op.”..

…he’s showing he knows what he’s talking about, that he knows the difference between Brownsville and Boston, and that his knowledge about the technologies and protocols of border patrol are actually formed from hands-on experience, rather than shit he learned in a Marxist philosophy course at Columbia 40 years ago. Now I grant you, I don’t like everything he claims — he continues to insist that “strategic fencing” at urban areas only/places of high traffic combined with “virtual” security means (aerial surveillance drones backed by quickly-deployed border guards) — but he is actually providing information and his opinion on the matter…



Texas AG prepares to sue Obama administration over immigration failures (video)

Republican Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, a candidate for governor in the Lone Star state, is considering suing the federal government for what he says is a crisis that has cost Texas tax payers $50 million.

“This is a huge challenge for the state of Texas,” said Abbott.

“We expect the President to live up to his responsibility, and the federal government’s responsibility to secure our border, and to address this unprecedented influx of immigrants from Central America,” he said…


Texas Gov. Rick Perry: Obama Did Not Know the Border Patrol is Set Up 40-45 Miles Inland from the Border (video)



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