Shameless President Keeps Lying, Gullible Followers Keep Believing

Via Gay Patriot, September 18, 2009:

Drudge linked earlier today to a YouTube video of a protester at an Obama (campaign stop) town hall meeting yelling a-la Joe Wilson “You Lie!” and being drowned out by hoots and yells. Eventually he’s led out of the arena by security, all the while suffering the slings and arrows of the sheep there to hear Big Brother pronounce. The spectacle is uncomfortable. The lone man speaking truth to power, the seemingly glazed-over adorers of The One mercilessly thrashing him (and even stealing his hat at one point) on his way out. Kinda pathetic. Here it is, but before you view it, take a second and carefully listen to what the president is saying:

Notice anything curious? Well, as in any (campaign stop) health care discussion, it’s a boilerplate speech that’s delivered over and over to audiences regardless of the venue. And yes, you heard the same lame story about the masectomy lady from Texas last week during the president’s (stump speech) address to the Joint Session of Congress. Here’s what’s actually curious about it: He’s still using it even though it’s a lie.

The rest of the blog entry and readers’ comments (worth reading) can be read here.

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