Signing away sovereignty

by Ed Lasky
American Thinker
October 27, 2009

Americans concerned about the decline of American power under the presidency of Barack Obama should turn their radar on and keep it on. We should be aware that Obama intends to roll out for Senate approval a series of international treaties that will further bind America to the will of the international community if they are ratified.

Bit by bit, America’s autonomous power is being taken away. The Boston Globe provides a public relations gloss by calling these treaties a means of fulfilling “Obama’s vision of global cooperation.” This is one view, I suppose. Another view would be that our policies will be tied down by these treaties — and we will be judged by international bureaucrats and held to their interpretation of what our obligations are under the treaties…

…There was a reason Bill Clinton signed the Kyoto Protocol but never dared to submit it to the Senate for approval. He knew it would fail. But that was then; this is now.

Gun control treaties, perhaps under the guise of small arms trade treaties, will certainly be in Obama’s queue.

Once in place, treaties will lock America in. They are rarely broken, and countries, including America, rarely withdraw from them. Even if America later were able to withdraw from treaties, permanent harm already will have occurred.

Expect Obama and his minions to attempt to Rahm through these types of treaties in the Senate.

These international treaties will have domestic consequences that could be massive. But we should know by now that radical change in America is what Barack Obama desires the most. If he can get the world community on his side, he will be that much closer to his, and their own, goals.

Abdullah Baali, the Ambassador to the United States from Algeria and a former U.N. official, is of the opinion that “it is absolutely essential that the U.S. ratify these treaties.” That should be a warning flag for Americans. President Obama wants to outsource our policy to the international community, refuses to use our strength and talent to protect the American interest, and is determined to weaken America in the years ahead.

Obama clearly sees American power, in and of itself, as evil. We have seen this attitude displayed in his countless apologies for so called American transgressions over the years before the Obama Presidency. Obama is trying to force America into an unprecedented, massive makeover to please the international bureaucrats whose approval and acclaim he so desperately craves…

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