Smart Power State Department ends tumultuous day with stirring, relevant tweet

Mary Katharine Ham
Hot Air

…This tweet is from the official State Department account, from Jen Psaki, at 9:26 p.m.*, hours after two huge international stories have broken. Now, the administration perhaps can’t be expected to react to the actual events at issue seriously. Too much to ask. But what they do sometimes react to seriously is a p.r. issue, and they’ve had many hours to realize everyone thinks they’re muffing this. Would it be so much to ask to keep it relatively sober tonight?…






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Related: Flashback: Reagan on KAL 007 ‘We Want… To See That This Never Happens Again’ (video)

On September 1st of 1983, Russia shot down Korean Air Lines Flight 007, a flight from New York City to Seoul with a stop in Anchorage, Alaska.

After departing Alaska the plane crossed into Russian airspace and was shot down. All 269 passengers on board were killed…


Update: From Megyn Kelly, Stirewalt Compares Responses of Obama & Reagan to Downed Planes (video)

Tonight on “The Kelly File,” Fox News digital politics editor Chris Stirewalt discussed President Barack Obama’s reaction to the Flight MH17 crash, compared to former President Ronald Reagan’s response back in 1983 when Korean Airlines Flight 007 was shot down by Soviet Union fighters…


Also at FNC, Kate Obenshain: Obama ‘Ordering Burgers Medium-Well While World is Falling Apart’ (video)

Update 2: Malaysia Airlines crash: Australian PM tells Russia to explain disaster

Tony Abott tells MPs: ‘This is not something that can just be dismissed as a tragic accident when you have Russian proxies using Russian-supplied equipment’…



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