Social Security at Risk of Running Out of Money?


Former Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue on what is needed to ensure that Social Security is sustainable over the long-term.


H/T Varney & Co

Related: Obama Debt Commission Chair: President Close to Having ‘Failed Presidency’

Obama Debt Commision Co-Chair former Sen. Alan Simpson (R-WY):

“If he wants to leave it alone and not deal with those two biggies (Social Security and healthcare costs) after the rest of the stuff, he’ll have a failed presidency.”



Update: Mark Levin exposes a WASTELAND of govt overspending while Obama LIES to your face saying we can’t cut spending

Mark Levin completely obliterated Obama lies today that we can’t cut spending or else the country will fall apart. And he does it systematically by exposing a whole wasteland of government documented overspending and mismanagement that Obama refuses to fix. And it’s his government!

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