Socialist International works on “Global Governance” agenda, Obama allies in attendance

Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

The Socialist International recently met in New York to affirm, what is essentially a blueprint for the destruction of U.S. and Israeli independence and the advancement of a “World Governance” agenda.

At the Meeting of the Council of the Socialist International, United Nations, New York, 21-22 June 2010

U.S. delegates included Puerto Rican Independence Party members Ruben Berrios Martinez and Fernando Martin Garcia and from Democratic Socialists of America, Frank Llewellyn, Joseph Schwartz, David Duhalde, Alejandro Duhalde and George “Skip” Roberts, a former aide to D.S.A. member, Obama friend and ally and former Hawaii Congressman Neil Abercrombie.

Many leading Democrats and members of the Obama Administration have close ties to Democratic Socialists of America, not least, especially President Obama himself.

Participants at the SI included representatives of the Socialist Party of Albania (formerly communist), the MPLA of Angola (formerly communist), Bulgarian Socialist Party (formerly communist), Socialist Party of Chile, the Sandinista National Liberation Front of Nicaragua (marxist), Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party (formerly communist), the Democratic Left Alliance of Poland (includes communists), the African National Congress of South Africa (communist dominated) and the Movement for Socialism of Venezuela. Observer parties included Polisario from Western Sahara (marxist). Consultative parties present included Fatah from Palestine (marxist/terrorist) and the highly democratic All-Nation Social Democratic Party of Kazakhstan.

The meeting addressed four main issues and priorities of the social democratic movement in its agenda: “the Global Economy in the run-up to the G8 and G20 Summits in Toronto, peace in the Middle East, working for an international unified response to Climate Change; and recent developments in the field of Disarmament and Non-proliferation”.

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