Socialists hit Obama on economic record, vacations


From the International Committee of the Fourth International (World Socialist Web Site):

In line with the Democrats’ midterm election strategy, Obama again sought to blame the Republicans for the jobs crisis, claiming that their opposition to the small business bill was blocking progress on the employment front, while touting the supposed success of his economic policy. In a series of media events this week, interspersed with private fundraisers in some cases costing tens of thousands of dollars to attend, Obama declared, “We are moving in the right direction. We’re on the right track. The economy is getting stronger.”

After his White House remarks Thursday, Obama left for a 10-day vacation at a private estate, which rents for tens of thousands of dollars a week, on the exclusive resort island of Martha’s Vineyard off the Massachusetts coast.

Whole article here. It isn’t an outright attack, but the snide references to high-dollar fundraisers and Obama’s 10-day vacay suggests some trouble in Utopia. If you’re a Democrat and you’ve lost the socialists…

CAJ note: In the comments section of this article Dave_in_Ok makes this point, “I guess destroying the country is hard work – just look at how many vacations this guy needs.”

Update from FireAndreaMitchell, “Presidential – Obama screams ‘We’re buying shrimp, guys. Come on.’ at someone in Martha’s Vineyard”

…The AP’s puff piece makes you want to feel so  for the man who was dining out for the first time since arriving at Martha’s Vineyard, mainly due to the weather. I guess those personal chefs just aren’t good enough. Eating at Nancy’s restaurant in Oak Bluff with his American hating wife, and two daughters, Obama was joined (on our dime) with his Chicago pals. Joining the Obamas for dinner were adviser Valerie Jarrett and Chicago friends Cheryl and Eric Whitaker. The poor Obama was asked a question by someone in the restaurant about the Iraq situation. Obama replied, “We’re buying shrimp, guys. Come on.”…

Update 2 via Michelle Malkin:

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