Something ‘Right’ This Way Comes… RightNetwork Launches Today

Chris Burgard

Awhile back my wife and I were thinking about selling our California ranch and moving to Texas. We had made a film about the border, called… Border.

Texans and the rest of America seemed to dig the film. Hollywood? Not so much.

After sixteen states on the promo tour, countless packed theatres, great reviews and two screenings for Congress, I had yet another audience member grab my arm and ask “When is Hollywood going to make more films like this? Can you tell them to make movies that we want to see?”

“Ma’am,” I would explain, “If Hollywood wanted to make more films like Border, right now I would be in the middle of a three picture studio deal instead of on a bus tour of the South Eastern United States. I’m sorry but I don’t have an answer for you. “ She was a very nice lady. I hated to disappoint her…

…I gotta tell you, I love going to work every day. We are always creating something. But maybe one of the best jobs that I have been able to do is find great independent films to license that Hollywood and the mainstream media won’t show.

To be able to pick up the phone and talk to another filmmaker and say, “Hey how would you like millions of people to see your film,” is cooler than hell.

To be able to have an idea on Monday and in the can, cut and delivered by Friday, rocks.

Even though we had never released even one public sentence about RightNetwork, the MSM got wind of us last April. By mid-morning the Huffington Posts and Politicos articles had thousands of posts on us.

Joy Behar spent a good portion of her show railing against us with Lewis Black.

Keith Olberman gave us a “Worst Person In The World Award”…even though we had never met him.

But I think my favorite was a comment from a Huffy deriding Kelsey Grammer as a spokesman for what they thought was obviously going to be a homophobic, racist network. The irony of the fact that Kelsey was currently starring in La Cage Au Folles on Broadway, seemed to be lost on this particular blogger.

RightNetwork launched today. We will be on computers and phones across the country. We will be available on 4 million television sets, with millions more to follow.

We will bring America the unexpected. We are proud Americans who want to step forward to bring all of America into the conversation.

We want to create a place where Americans can be inspired and entertained.

We want to make a difference.

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