Sore Loser: Obama Administration Still Punishing Honduras for Defending Freedom

by Gabriel Malor
Ace of Spades

The President’s preferred dictator-for-life, Chavista thug Zelaya, didn’t get his way so Obama’s going to keep punishing Honduras by refusing to recognize President Lobo and refusing to allow visas for Hondurans to resume.

“It’s a significant step for Honduras to go back to order but it’s just that. It’s only a step and it’s not the last step… It’s not sufficient,” said US assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Arturo Valenzuela.

More here of Obama’s demands before he’ll recognize the sovereign right of Hondurans to choose their leader:

“For the countries of the Hemisphere and for the United States, to work towards the restoration of Honduras to the Organization of American States [OAS] later on, Honduras must do more than just this election,” said Arturo Valenzuela. “It must follow a process of national reconciliation through a government of national unity, and that’s what we’re urging the Honduran leadership to engage in. The people of Honduras want nothing less.”
Valenzuela said the Obama administration seeks implementation of an OAS-backed settlement plan, including the creation of a truth commission on the circumstances of the coup and a congressional vote set for Wednesday on whether Mr. Zelaya will be returned to office to complete his term, which was to end in late-January.

The senior diplomat said the United States wants to see Mr. Zelaya restored to office.

Of course, Zelaya has already stated that he will refuse reinstatement following the “fraudulent” election. Which means Obama is placing impossible conditions on Honduras.

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