Soros Bets on Nevada

CAJ note: This WSJ editorial is available only to subscribers but we wanted to include it to illustrate another “project” Mr. Soros is working on. He’s busy, busy, busy…

H/T The Federalist Society on Facebook:

Who should be in charge of selecting state judges? The Wall Street Journal has a new editorial about George Soros and others providing financial support to push through a Nevada ballot initiative establishing a merit selection system in that state:

Soros Bets on Nevada
The campaign to hijack state judicial selection.

The Wall Street Journal

For a lesson in courtroom politics, have a look at Nevada, where a first salvo in a nationwide campaign to end state judicial elections will greet voters on the November ballot. According to the measure, the state would switch to the so-called Missouri plan for choosing judges—putting the responsibility for courts in the hands of a legal elite, instead of with voters or elected representatives.

Used by more than 30 states, the Missouri plan lets a judicial nominating commission select a limited slate of judicial candidates (usually two or three) from whom the Governor may choose. Though created in the …

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