Soros helping Islam ‘look less radical’

Chad Groening

A conservative media watchdog organization says left-wing billionaire George Soros is funding a course that teaches journalists how to downplay the negative aspects of Islam.

The three-hour online course called “Covering Islam in America” is a project of The Poynter Institute, which claims the program is designed to “give a broad explanation of the religious, social, political, and geographical facts about Islam today.” That organization has partnered with the Social Science Research Council and Washington State University to strengthen “accurate” reporting and to enhance “the ability of the media to fairly report on a range of pressing issues.”

But Dan Gainor, vice president for business and culture at the Culture and Media Institute (CMI) of the Media Research Center, contends the course is nothing more than a guide on how to spin Islam in a positive light.

“It teaches [journalists] to downplay Jihad, quite literally to put the deaths of the 3,000-plus people that died on 9/11 in context so that you compare it to the initiative on HIV and AIDS, or you compare it against how many Americans are killed in murder,” he explains. “So, instead of actually just telling the truth on this, they actually are teaching in a journalism program how to spin and make Islam look less radical.”…

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