Sowell on Obama: ‘…if he doesn’t get stopped in this Fall’s election, I don’t know how he will ever be stopped…’

“…If he [Barack Obama] can, somehow, make millions of illegal immigrants legal, and voters, before 2012 he can get a second term and I see that as a point of no return…”

Thomas Sowell on American collapse: Chapter 4 of 5

This is part of a discussion with Thomas Sowell about his newest book Dismantling America.

In the final moments of segment 5 Peter Robinson asks Professor Sowell, “If you could offer one sentence of counsel to the President of the United States, what would you say, Tom?”

Without hesitation Sowell replies, “Resign.”

The complete interview, broken down into several short videos, is at

H/T Trevor Loudon at New Zeal

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