State Department approved $50 million in Bill Clinton speeches during Hillary’s tenure

Ed Morrissey
Hot Air

That’s $50 million in four years — not bad for a couple that now wants people to know they’ve struggled in government service. The Associated Press reviewed State Department records to see what level of scrutiny went into ethics reviews of proposed Bill Clinton speeches. The answer? Not much, especially in one case where the Clintons pocketed two-thirds of a million dollars from a bank in the middle of a Justice Department probe:

State Department officials under Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton moved quickly when aides to Bill Clinton asked them in March 2010 to approve plans for the former president to address clients of a multinational British bank, Barclays. Within four days, the department’s ethics office signed off on the request — as it did for hundreds of others from the former president during his wife’s four-year tenure leading the agency.

Its standard response, fired off in a short memo: “We have no objection.”…

…Just payin’ the Bill … which means all of these people were also payin’ the Hillary. And everyone knows it.

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Bill O’Reilly referred to Hillary Clinton’s controversies as “The Hillary Dilemma” on The O’Reilly Factor, saying that the Clintons always have a ready defense.

The corruption timeline begins in the 1970’s, when Hillary was working as an attorney investigating the Watergate scandal, when, it has been reported, she was fired for lies and unethical behavior.

Uranium Investor-Turned-Clinton Foundation Mega Donor Frank Holmes Grilled by CNBC (video)

…In a graphics box titled “From the New York Times,” the CNBC screen graphic stated: “Frank Holmes donated between $250-$500k to the Clinton Foundation—U.S. Global Investors held $4.7 million in Uranium Ones shares in Q1 of 2011.”…



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