State Dept Runs Ad on Pakistan TV Starring Obama, Hillary Disavowing Anti-Muslim Video
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From the Facebook page for the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan:

President Obama and Secretary Clinton remark on the video circulating on the Internet. President Obama’s statement is from Washington, DC on September 12 and Secretary Clinton’s remarks are from Morocco on September 13. — in Washington, DC.

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CAJ note: The following related links carry a warning of extremely graphic content. They should not be viewed around children or by sensitive readers:

This is who our Jihadi Enabler In Chief Supports!!! Warning: Image of Burning Christians Alive, a photograph at Patriots for America:

“This is the Moslem [sic] Brotherhood that Hussein Obama would rather support, than stand with Israel. ‘Burning Christians Alive’.”

At three videos of Libyan rebels (probably al Qaeda) sodomizing Gaddafi upon his capture. Dollard has written only, “Libya Flashback En Re Ambassador Stevens Rape: Rebels Sodomize Gaddafi,”  and posted the videos.

Also at Breitbart TV:

OWS Protester: “Who cares?” about dead Ambassador

Counterterrorism Director Contradicts White House, Says Libya Attack Was Terrorism

At PowerLine, UPDATE: Allahpundit comments in “Your tax dollars at work.”

UpdateJay Sekulow wrote on Facebook today:


In response to radical Islamic violence, Egypt is putting 7 Coptic Christians and an American citizen on trial.

Sign & Share the petition to stop sending our tax dollars to radical regimes.

Headline corrected 10:37 pm EDT.

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