Stay Classy: AFL-CIO Economist Calls FNC’s Cavuto an ‘A**hole’ on Live TV

Jeff Poor

It’s union thuggery, but at a higher echelon.

Imagine you’re representing the AFL-CIO, going on Fox News and trying to make a case that the $787-billion stimulus last year wasn’t nearly enough and that more is needed, despite the prevailing argument being that Keynesian economics doesn’t work based on this example.

Well, Ron Blackwell – the chief economist for the AFL-CIO faced that on the June 25 broadcast of Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto.” Cavuto, asking some honest questions, pressed Blackwell, who was attempting to make the case for more stimulus, as to why the idea of more government spending to help the ailing economy was a legitimate one.

“You’re not creating the jobs, with all this money you’re wanting us to spend – then why should we keep digging?” Cavuto asked. “What’s wrong with saying let’s put the shovel down – that’s not working?”

Cavuto continued to press Blackwell on his premise that it would take more of the Keynesian medicine – an idea Blackwell wasn’t willing to concede was an incorrect one…

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