Steve Scalise's Legislative Record is a Bigger Problem Than His Past Speaking Gigs

Nick Gillespie

…He is against nationalized health care (when pushed by a Democratic president), stimulus spending (when pushed by a Democratic president), wars waged unilaterally (when pushed by a Democratic president). Those are all good positions from a libertarian perspective, but it remains to be seen what Scalise will be like when Congress is fully in GOP control, or when a Republican takes the White House. To the extent that he perfectly represents his party, there’s no reason to be optimistic that he will be anything other than a big-government conservative who is ready and willing to use the state to enforce a single set of values and to spend huge piles of money on whatever he thinks is proper.

If the GOP really wants to effect change in a positive direction, it needs fewer Steve Scalises and more Justin Amashes in the House and more Rand Pauls in the Senate. Along with a handful of likeminded colleagues, they are working to shrink the size, scope, and spending of government from a principled belief in individual freedom and openness to pragmatic reforms with demonstrated results…



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Update: Louisiana Black Republican Elbert Guillory Defends Steve Scalise

…“It is desperate attempt to create something that does not exist,” Guillory said of the media frenzy. “Just look at the man’s record. Judge him by his record, not by who he meets, for God’s sake. That’s ludicrous.”…


Media: Um, That Big Steve Scalise Story Probably Didn’t Happen, But He’s Still ‘Embattled’ Anyway (video)

…Have you checked the big news websites today? Nothing. Yesterday’s top story is gone. CBS and NBC still have day-old posts about Scalise apologizing for delivering the brief 12-year-old address he barely remembers, but he’s vanished everywhere else…



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