Supreme Court Denies Review of Case Upholding a Daily Moment of Silence in IL Public Schools

Alan Sexton
Green Mountain Scribes

Chicago, IL – The United States Supreme Court has denied review of a case decided by a federal appeals court in Chicago last year that ruled a daily moment of silence as constitutional in public schools. This denial at the Supreme Court upholds the ruling, which allows students and school personnel the opportunity to start the day at every public school in the state of Illinois with “silent prayer or silent reflection.”

State legislators originally voted with an overwhelming majority to pass this law in 2007, making the moment of silence mandatory. Shortly following the vote, Dawn Sherman, a Buffalo Grove High School student and daughter of atheist activist Rob Sherman, filed suit claiming the moment of silence wastes time and takes away from learning. In 2009, District Judge Robert Gettleman ruled the law unconstitutional, claiming the moment of silence was endorsing religion and sought to introduce prayer in school…

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