Surber: Who is under the bus?


Van Jones became the first Van to go under the bus. But he is not the first man to go under the bus.


Madelyn Dunham. He loved his grandma, but sometimes she said things about other races that made little Barry cringe. Under the bus, grandma.

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright. He could no more disown him than he could disown grandma. And he just disowned grandma.

Bill Ayers. Just some guy in the neighborhood. Thanks for arranging that first fund-raiser. He’ll have to do that whole education conference again sometime real soon, say, 2027.

Tony Rezko. Thanks for the house. Now have fun in the Big House. Keep quiet and there may be a Marc Rich-type pardon. I mean, Eric Holder is the attorney general.

Nadhmi Auchi. Thanks for arranging that mortgage for the house. Hanging out with Iraqi billionaires ain’t cool.

Hillary Clinton learned that the main job of the secretary of state in this administration is drive train inspections.

Louis Caldera. Thanks for taking the fall for that Air Force One buzzing of New York City. Getting 1 million people to soil themselves is quite a feat. Say hello to Bill Ayers.

Ellen Moran. Lateral promotion from the White House communications office to writing press releases for the Commerce Department.

Tom Daschle. Only one tax cheat per Cabinet and Tim Geithner got there first.

Politico has a few more. Buckle up, it is going to be a bumpy ride with all those people in the undercarriage.

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