Suspending Elections: A Glimpse Into the Mindset of Beverly Perdue, Barack Obama, and the Democratic Party

Scott Rohter
Emerging Corruption

The Governor of North Carolina made national news recently when she declared that the United States should suspend the upcoming Congressional Elections so that the current members of Congress could be allowed to do their jobs, i.e. make the tough decisions to turn the economy around, without having to worry about being re-elected.

In other words, they should just be allowed to do their jobs without having to worry about losing their seats in Congress next November. To put it another way, the current ‘hard-working’ members of Congress shouldn’t have to worry about what the people back home in their districts are thinking.

Call me crazy, but that sounds to me like it would be telling those guys back there in Washington that it’s OK, whatever they do, and that there are no consequences to their actions!

That is Governor Perdue’s recommendation to fix what ails our country.  Scrap the Constitution, and declare what amounts to martial law, so that they can suspend General Elections.

I suspect that also goes for the upcoming Presidential Election too! Then President Obama can be just like his old friend Hugo Chavez, the Dictator-President of Venezuela, who suspended elections in his ‘tin pot’ Socialist Democracy, and increased his own dictatorial powers, while turning the Venezuelan law-making body into a big rubber stamp for his Socialist agenda, kind of like what the Cuban legislature is for the Castro Brothers.  That is probably what Mrs. Perdue envisions the roll of our Congress should be, for President Obama: Just a big, left wing rubber stamp for all of the Dear Leader’s Socialist policies!…

…And don’t think for one minute that there aren’t other Democrats out there that think just like she does!  If she is a parent, then she probably does just as lousy a job of being a parent as she does at being the Governor of North Carolina.  That is precisely why the Democratic Party picked her to float this trial balloon, because her career as the Governor of North Carolina is expendable.  She will probably lose her office in the next election anyway.

The Democratic Party would have never chosen a valuable Democrat asset like Hillary Clinton, Kathleen Sebelius, or Debra Wasserman-Shultz to express what they were only thinking.  They would have never sacrificed, or even risked an indispensable Democratic Party operative, to suggest such heresy as suspending free elections in order to test the political waters

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