Synergy: Soros-Funded Groups Create, then Report Anti-ALEC Campaign

Lachlan Markay
Big Journalism

The campaign against the American Legislative Exchange Council is a case study of the powerful liberal echo chamber at work: left-wing non-profits empower activists to target the organization, media outlets report on those efforts, and “experts” offer quotations to lend those reports additional weight.

The upstart group Color of Change has spearheaded the campaign against ALEC, calling for boycotts by some of the organization’s largest private sector supporters. About 10 companies have dropped their support for ALEC in the face of that opposition.

Color of Change is one of the many left-wing groups which receive money from George Soros’s Open Society Institute. And it’s not the only one involved in the anti-ALEC campaign with that distinction.

On Monday, the Center for Public Integrity, which has received about $1.8 million in funding from the Open Society Institute since 2009, led with a story about ALEC. The organization’s communications director blasted a pitch for a story purporting to expose “the questionable doings of the American Legislative Exchange Council.”

The story, by Center for Public Integrity reporter Paul Abowd, examines support for ALEC by beer and wine distributors, which have reportedly also given money to state legislators that have backed voter ID laws in their various states.

Abowd hints at cronyism by way of ALEC, but he never gets around to saying exactly what interest, if any, the alcoholic beverage industry has in voter ID legislation….

The article continues at Big Government.

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