'Zero Dark Thirty' confounding liberal film critics

Thomas Lifson American Thinker 12/16/2012

What if Hollywood made a high profile movie that carried an implicit message supporting George W. Bush’s War on Terror policies and made Barack Obama look naïve? What if the movie were made by an acclaimed director, and was really, really good?

Why, you’d have the amusing opportunity to read […]

US cuts Pakistan aid over jailing of ‘Bin Laden doctor’

BBC News 24 May 2012

A US Senate panel has cut $33m (£21m) in aid to Pakistan in response to the jailing of a Pakistani doctor who helped the CIA find Osama Bin Laden.

The Senate Appropriations Committee has said it will cut US aid by $1m for each year of Shakil Afridi’s sentence.

Secretary […]

Fears for safety of doctor linked to CIA Bin Laden vaccine plan

Shakil Afridi, who helped track down Osama bin Laden using DNA samples, is being held by ISI in Pakistan

Shakil Afridi worked for the CIA in the weeks leading up to the raid on the Bin Laden compound in Abbottabad. Photograph: Asif Hassan/AFP/Getty Images

Saeed Shah Guardian [UK] 12 July 2011

Fears are […]

Pakistan Arrests C.I.A. Informants in Bin Laden Raid

Eric Schmitt and Mark Mazzetti The New York Times 6/14/2011

WASHINGTON — Pakistan’s top military spy agency has arrested some of the Pakistani informants who fed information to the Central Intelligence Agency in the months leading up to the raid that led to the death of Osama bin Laden, according to American officials.

Pakistan’s detention […]

Christopher Hitchens: No mystery why Pakistan hates us

Glenn Reynolds Instapundit 6/8/2011

CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS: From Abbottabad To Worse. “There’s absolutely no mystery to the ‘Why do they hate us?’ question, at least as it arises in Pakistan. They hate us because they owe us, and are dependent upon us. The two main symbols of Pakistan’s pride—its army and its nuclear program—are wholly parasitic […]

US tells Pakistan to name agents who aided bin Laden

As the U.S. asked questions, Osama bin Laden's killing was protested in Abbottabad. Photo Warrick Page for The New York Times

Helene Cooper and Ismail Khan The New York Times via MSNBC 5/6/2011

Pakistani officials say the Obama administration has demanded the identities of some of their top intelligence operatives as the […]